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Forget the Hustle and Bustle- Focusing on family this holiday season

I hope that you will get to enjoy some much deserved time off over the holidays and I hope that you can spend that time enjoying your family! Research shows that families who spend time together are stronger. They communicate better, share a sense of belonging, and are just happier! Here are a few fun activities for you and your family this holiday season:

  • Family game night - Try spending at least one night during the holidays with the TV off. Put on your favorite or silly pajamas and play a favorite game.
  • Go for a walk - After eating ALL of that holiday food, take a walk together.   
  • Movie night - Rent a movie or watch a TV holiday special, pop some popcorn, and snuggle up.
  • Cook together – Do your holiday baking and food preparation together. Even the youngest children can wash vegetables, set the table, or ice and decorate cookies.
  • Volunteer your time – Find ways to volunteer your time with a local community organization over the holidays. Maybe you and your families can help out at a food pantry, donate toys, wrap presents, or visit senior citizens.


Whatever you and your family do together, I hope you have fun, find joy, and create memories!